The People, Technology, and Timepieces to Know from the History of Watch Design

The First Timekeepers

The Salisbury Cathedral Clock, one of the oldest still-working clocks in the world

The Pocket Watch (1675)

Antique pocket watches

Abraham-Louis Breguet designs one of the first wristwatches for the Queen of Naples (1810)

A modern update on the Reine de Naples watch

Louis Cartier Designs The Cartier Santos for Aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont (1904)

Alberto Santos-Dumont at the controls of an air balloon

World War I (1914)

1918 Trench Watch

The First Automatic Wristwatch (1923)

A Hardwood Self-Winding Watch

Electric ’50s, Quartz on the Moon, and Beyond

Buzz Aldrin’s Omega Speedmaster

Digital Watches Get Smarter and Smarter

Apple Watch

Back to Analog

The Terra-Time designed by James Wines
Moshe Safdie’s Vertere



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